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Aurélie! Great workshop with you!

The team appreciate a lot your friendly way. We learned a lot, we loved the discussion, the topic, the concepts, the tips

.Looking forward to meeting again soon!


Delphine, For Atao 

How Marie Kondo and Aurélie revolutionized my cupboards and my suitcases.

17 moves in 3 years, purging was not a fully satisfactory solution.

Since the workshop at Sophie Ferjani's, my cupboards and luggage are optimized. I am thankful for the KonMari® method, its philosophy and how Aurélie broke it down in an accessible manner.

Thank you Aurélie for your enthusiasm! Your cheerfulness, the simplicity of your proposals convinced me.

Nathalie M

A big thank you!


As a full time working mum of three little ones, I was almost in burn-out. Thanks to your help, we totally reevaluated our way of living, our habits.

It's so much more than tidying up, it's a revolution. You helped us reclaim our space, our life.

Each item has a home, and each member of our family found its place.

From now on, we can focus on what matters most, our home and not our house!

Lisa Z

Thanks Aurélie !

I used to really loath paperwork, but you showed me how to completely rethink how to organize it.

No more missing important document or being late on payments. I am much calmer now.

Benjamin G

Aurélie has been in our life for years, always here to show us how to maximise our space, find new solutions for different arising issues that small spaces and big city life generate.


She has also helped us deal with the challenges that present themselves when raising a big family and managing everyone's belongings.

We prepared a big move overseas with her thoughtful suggestions. It made the experience much more manageable and stress free, before the move, but also after arriving in our new home.

We're really thankful to her for guidance throughout the years!

Avigael B

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